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   History of Copley
  "...the untouched secrets that lie in the far north"

The Far north parts of South Australia have never ending stories to tell.

Here's some of Copleys History:

The town of Copley commemorates William Copley, farmer and politician (1845 - 1925). Copley was commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration in Thomas Playford's 1890 - 92 ministry. During Sir John Downer's ministry 1892 -93 Copley was Minister of Agriculture and Education. Briefly in 1893 he was chief secretary when he piloted the bill for free education in South Australia. (Dean Jaensch)

The township of Copley was originally known as Leigh's Creek and during 1883 the post office was established and in 1884 Pearce's Hotel was built. The pub has had several names and in 1889 Mary Poole changed the name to the Leigh Creek Hotel which has remained , and has caused confusion ever since as we now have the Leigh Creek Hotel in Copley.

Today Copley has a population of approx 80 residents. The management of the town is administered by volunteers (Progress Association) and subsidised by Outback Communities Authority by $1:1. We boast the world famous Copley Bush Bakery and Quandong Cafe which is now situated at the cafe in the caravan park. Try one of our famous homemade quandong pies with homemade quandong ice cream or one of our award winning savoury pies. TRAA depot - Cookes Outback Motors for mechanical repairs and tyres etc, we have one of best pubs in the outback- try a Copley Wobbly or an icy cold beer where you can post a letter at the pub post office. (5732).

So come and enjoy our friendly town, and we are only 6 kilometres north of Leigh Creek.

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